Liara T’soni is Tall


With the release of the limited edition Liara T’soni statue on the Bioware store, I was interested in the measurements and did a little basic maths.

The statue is 1:4 scale, so we can assume that it’s 1/4 the size of Liara’s canonical height. The statue is 19 inches, though I’m not sure if that includes the height of the base, however the base doesn’t look very thick so let’s assume that maybe the statue itself is around 18.5 inches high.

18.5 x 4= 74 inches.

74 inches divided by 12= works out to 6.16, so let’s round it up to 6.2

Liara also isn’t standing completely upright in the pose, so we could be missing a little extra height from that, say around one to two inches.

Canonically, Liara is around 6 foot 3” to 6 foot 4”.

Liara is tall as hell.

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biowares gender restrictions on romances cannot stop me i am a living god

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this is everything I want their relationship to be

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fantasy characters in the modern day is really important

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this EXACTLY translates my mass effect experience

For everyone I know currently playing Mass Effect…

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my love


my love

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I really like the idea of putting the fate of the world into the hands of neurotic recluses.

Mages fuck yeah.

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